StayLocal Releases "Independent Business Trends" Report
12/1/2017 11:52:55 AM

As you may already know, StayLocal is a longtime friend of LCI and LCIA, as well as New Orleans’ Independent Business Alliance. Each year, StayLocal surveys business owners and releases a report, "New Orleans Independent Business Trends.” The report is designed to provide a snapshot of how independent businesses are faring, and to arm the community with insights to foster a thriving business sector.

Among others, the report looks at the following issues:

  • Change in annual revenue. How does the past year’s revenue compare to years past?
  • Holiday sales. Do sales increase during the holiday season? If so, how much, and how does it compare to the past?
  • Challenges facing businesses. Marketing, insurance costs, and competition from chains—what affects local businesses the most?
  • Access to credit. Do local businesses believe they have access to the credit they need?

Click here or on the image below to read the full report. It contains the answers to the questions above, and it provides insight into the state of local businesses in New Orleans. Learn more about StayLocal at

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