LCI Claims: Report Early and Report Back Often
10/9/2013 8:20:22 AM

During today’s Claims Webinar, we will discuss the process of filing a workers’ comp claim. While the process is an important one, I would like to take this opportunity to go over some FAQs about reporting your claim.

  • How do I report a claim? There are several ways to report an accident or injury. It doesn’t matter how you report a claim. What’s important is that you tell us. You can call us at 888-246-1988, email us at, or fax us at 985-612-6741. 

  • When should I first report my claim? The short answer: as soon as you learn of an injury. Our in-house claims department will be happy to take the claim information while our office is open, but please do not hesitate to call or email after office hours. Please call even if you only have limited information. We can always get more information from you later, but it is important for us to be able to get your employee medical attention and to investigate.

  • What is an RPO? If you have an accident where your employee doesn’t end up needing a lot of medical attention, please still call us. We can take a "reporting purposes only” (RPO) claim. With RPOs, we take the information about the accident early on. If your employee is not injured, we do not pursue the claim any further. If your employee’s injuries seem minor and you do not tell us, it can cost you more money for us to go back and work the claim after the fact, not to mention the potentially lost evidence.

Click here to register for this morning’s webinar, and you can always learn more about LCI’s claims process at

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