IGC Archive: Water Issues in Louisiana
7/5/2017 11:31:08 AM

LCIA has held several events focused on the issue of stormwater management, including our June 22 "Opportunities for Contractors in Stormwater Management” in New Orleans. 

However, water is an issue that affects all of Louisiana, not just the New Orleans area. In the April 2015 issue of In Good Company, we looked at the issue of water from several perspectives: building and planning challenges, business opportunities, environmental implications, and more. 

Specifically, the magazine featured information about the following:

  • The Greater New Orleans Urban Water Plan – Including the basics of stormwater management and New Orleans’ plans for dealing with water in the future.
  • The Business Case for Water Management – What businesses have to gain and lose from water management.
  • The Sparta Aquifer – The source of drinking water for much of North Louisiana, and how to preserve this water resource.
  • Trade Impact – How ports on the Mississippi River and access to Gulf of Mexico offer business opportunities and how these bodies of water connect Louisiana to the world.
  • The Water Campus – A home for water-related research and businesses to come together to address the future of water.

The entire issue of In Good Company can be read on LCIA’s website. Click here to access the magazine, and scroll to page 4 of the PDF to read the water section.

In this blog series, "From the IGC Archives,” we revisit the helpful—and oftentimes original—content that LCIA has published in past issues of In Good Company.

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