Exit Interview: LCI’s Intern Bids Farewell
8/1/2017 3:27:40 PM

As you may recall, LCI was joined this summer by intern and ULM student
Connor Sykes. Connor worked primarily with LCI’s Loss Control Department, but he spent time shadowing and learning from each one of LCI’s departments. Before he heads back to Monroe, LCIA caught up with Connor to hear about his experience with LCI.

Q. How did the internship go overall? How would you rate your experience?

A. The internship has been a great experience for learning the industry and for being in a professional work environment. Compared to my last job at a drive thru ice cream shop, it’s definitely a 10/10 experience. In all seriousness, it has been fantastic and beneficial.

Q. What did LCI have you working on?

A. I spent the bulk of my time in Loss Control. I enjoyed both aspects of it: reading and filing reports and going out on the road. It has been nice to spend some time with other departments and get an idea for how their work flows. I also enjoyed attending events such as the Comp in Focus and the PIA lunches.

Q. What were the highlights?

A. While I enjoyed my time in the office, I really enjoyed getting out in the field. I enjoyed meeting LCI’s policyholders at loss control visits and agents at industry events.

Q. Did your experience at LCI give you a better idea of your career plans?

A. My time here at LCI has given me a better idea of how broad my options in this field are.

Q. How will your internship help you once you get back on campus?

A. I think my time here will help me to connect theories and terminology in my classes to practical applications. I also have a better understanding of the ways in which different aspects of insurance interact with each other.

Any final words about your internship with LCI?

A. It has been a pleasure and an honor to get to work with and get to know everyone here.

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